Father’s Day 2012 – Transplant Day plus 6

Friday was day plus 4 and back to the clinic at the Dana Farber Cancer Inistute for Noel’s blood level tests and a shot of Neupogen to boost the white cells…most of the day spent resting.

Saturday was day plus 5 and we spent over 4 hours in the clinic as Noel needed to get blood work done along with the daily shot of Neupogen and he also needed an infussions of another unit of platelets and a unit of red blood cells…. He felt very fatigued and bothered by side effects.

Today Sunday day plus 6 our visit lasted over 5 hours…..with Noel being infussed with a chemo drug called Methotrexate which helps to stop the rejection of the new stem cells along with the other anti rejection drugs he is taking daily in tablet form. Received his daily shot for the white cells and today he needed another unit of platelets and 2 units of red blood cells….and also an infussions of magnesium. All this took a long time to drip into him. He read a little but mostly napped and I watched old TV shows on my iPad.

We were able to have a sandwich and a drink from the food cart at lunch time. Provided free for paitents but they always have plenty so let caregivers have some too for which I am grateful.

Noel is not sleeping well at night, has some bouts of terrible itching and soreness and his digestive system is disturbed requiring frequent bathroom trips, antacid medication and imodium are helping a little. He is very fatigued, feeling way below par….Please pray that these ‘normal’ but very unpleasant side effects will soon be less bothersome.

Today Sunday Noel’s blood levels were at their lowest, for those who understand this….
Platelets. 9. Normal reading would be 155-410
White cells 0.9 … … …. 3.8-9.2
Red cells. 3.1. … … …. 4.2-5.6

As I understand it a sign of the new stem cells engrafting to Noel’s bone marrow will be when his counts go up without having to get the frequent transfusions.

Our faith stands strong and we have great peace of mind that all will be well….and even though the walk is not easy we realize it is so much easier than many others we meet along the way who have tremendous battles to fight. We are so grateful for all your payers.

We are also grateful for the many , many messages we are receiving. All are a great encouragement to us and every message blesses us.

Both of us are very sorry we can not reply to you all personally….please don’t feel rejected in any way….your messages are important to us and so are you.

Happy Father ‘s day to you all….. I, Meryl am so grateful for my own father who I was blessed to have for the first 38 years of my life and I am blessed to have had a good father for my sons and that they are now good fathers to my grandchildren.

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