Meryl’s Health Update

Background: Meryl was having chest pains and ‘heaviness’ on Sunday, June 15th whilst we were at church. We left immediately, half way through the service, to go to the Emergency Room at Glens Falls Hospital. She was triaged immediately on arrival and admitted for more evaluation and observation, leading to an investigative heart catherization today, Monday June 16th.

Latest update personally from Meryl.

Please continue to pray.

I am feeling blessed with Toby Dawes and Noel Dawes at Glens Falls Hospital.

“This is the day The Lord hath made. We will rejoice and be glad in it.”

My morning began early with a change of nursing staff, administration of today’s drugs and nothing to eat in readiness for my catherization.

I was taken one floor down to the procedure area in my bed where I was prepared for the cath met my doctor, who turned out to be from London.

Eventually the cath was done through the radial artery in my right wrist. This showed no blockages and just a normal buildup of plaque. No definitive reason was found for what. is still defined as a minor heart attack.

However some normal changes consistent with my age were detected in the blood vessels feeding my heart, and there is some thickening of the walls of the heart muscle. My heart enzymes continue to be slightly elevated so this, coupled with the fact that I suffered a mild heart attack, will keep me in hospital for another night for observation. I am feeling 99% better although quite fatigued.

I will be seeing my cardiologist on his rounds later this afternoon. I will see what he has to say and ask him some questions so there will be more later.