Transplant Day plus 1

Count down to 100.

Of course yesterday was not Noel’s birthday, that’s in April, but it seems to be a tradition among transplant paitents to have a second birthday!

Some mild side effects today but in good solider fashion Noel is on the march forward… right now he is free of his IV pole for a short time and out of his room wearing face mask and gloves walking in the pod, this isolation ward of 10 small rooms is in an air controlled pod, entered through air lock doors. So for the first time for a few days he is up and walking, no doubt be back in his room for a nap quite soon…

Yesterday we had a visit from the dietitian, to explain the guidelines for his nutrition for the next 100 days / one year. A lot of extra care and common sense about keeping everything super clean and free from bacteria and lists of permitted foods and those not permitted and restrictions like no restaurants, no takeout food so it will mean some changes but we will do it. No wine or beer and no spring water. The list is quite long of do’s and don’ts.

We still have to be instructed on all the oral drugs but I think we have decided to make daily visits to the Dana Farber clinic for his shots so I do not have to give him them but that could change and I may have to learn how to do it. I’m OK with flushing his lines but giving shots is out of my comfort zone!

We are looking forward to leaving the hospital and moving tomorrow to the
AstraZeneca Hope Lodge
125 South Huntington Avenue
Jamaica Plain, MA 02130

Although we will have a busy time with clinic visits and I will have to cook all Noel’s food. It will be more relaxing than hospital. The lodge has 40 guest suits for cancer patients and is run by the American Cancer Society.

This week we heard of one friend who lost her battle with cancer and another who received the diagnosis… as you pray for us please remember all those lives that are touched someway by this thing with many faces called cancer.

Yesterday Noel wore his Team Charlotte in honor of our granddaughter and her own battle 3 years ago with cancer. She now still cancer free is a healthy and happy soon to be Kindergarten Kid. Praise the Lord!

Please continue to follow our journey, we have quite a way to goand you are all a great encouragement to us. Please keep praying. Thanks.