Transplant Day plus 11

I read a quote from Martin Luther today. ” It is not how well you are doing but how well you are doing when you are not doing well “. So we give praise to the Lord that although just now our circumstances are not great we are doing well. As in 1 Thessalonians ‘be joyful always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances..’ so we are and we do !

Yesterday was a short clinic visit just to receive the daily white blood cell boosting shot……….not a great day for Noel but the evening highlight was a icecream and trivia evening, here at Hope Lodge hosted by two college seniors. Noel and I and a lady from Rochester NY and a young man from Georgia, the country not the state, formed a team for the trivia game, we called ourselves The Internationals….sadly Noel had to retire half way through for health reasons but the 3 of us remaining team members went on to win the game…Each receiving a gift card to a local grocery store…One question was.. ” which domesticated animal is not mentioned in the Bible”. I am pleased to tell you was the only person from all the teams who knew this answer…..” the cat” along with being the only person from all teams who knew what language the word Molasses comes from….answer “Portuguese”

Apart from deveioping some large nasty mouth and throat sores ( again seen as normal ) Noel has been a fraction better today but still plagued by all the nasty side effects…and just on a oatmeal and chicken noodle soup diet….

His blood tests to day showed he still needed to get a unit of platelets but his red count was a fraction above the transfussion level so he did not need red cells today, just the platelets and his shot for the white cells both of which are still too low.

Saturday and Sunday he just has to go to the clinic to get that daily shot and Monday it’s back for blood work and seeing the Dr /PA and what ever is needed……. As Monday will be transplant day plus +14 ( yes two weeks ) the Doctors expect to see some improvements in his cell counts…. Then we should begin to see signs of engraftment of the new stem cells in the bone marrow anywhere up to day +30. A real milestone on the road to day +100. Which still seems so far away.

Thank you for all your on going prayers, thoughts and messages….. They so encourage us…..Noel as yet does not feel up to talking on the phone or replying to your messages but he sends you all his love and when he feels more like himself again will be back ‘on line’ as they say……….till then hopefully I am keeping everyone posted but again sorry I can not reply personally too every message……but know every message is important.

A have a blessed and happy weekend end after a mini heat wave here in Boston with record temperatures this evening we got rain and it seems refreshingly cool…..

A huge thank you to those who are generously helping us though this journey, your support is a blessing and greatly appreciated.

Thank you also to the 3 friends who have donated to Caringbridge who provide this free web site donation helps them do that.

If you live in our home area a friend Deacon Alan Hart is putting on a benefit concert of his and others folk songs this coming Thursday evening at 7 pm. In St Mary ‘s Church, Lake Luzerne, New York. Noel and I have greatly enjoyed the other concerts Alan has given in the past and we wish we could be there to hear his great music…..”Thank you Alan”