Transplant Day plus 14

The weekend was quiet with just short appointments at the DFCI for Noel’s Neupogen shot and Hickman line flush, Sunday afternoon we had a good visit from our friends Jim and Jean Morehead, we sat outside as thankfully the weather was warm and sunny. Hope Lodge is very quiet at weekends as many people go home or away as they don’t have appointments.

Over the weekend although Noel still has the problems with those nasty side effects and can still only manage oatmeal and soup. He did start to feel better within himself and his voice sounded brighter……we took this to be a good sign and so although an added side effect is his hair falling out we felt the corner was turned as the Doctor’s had predicted, as today Monday Is day plus +14.

First stop at clinic today was for blood work…. Then the review with Doctor, actually his NP Amy, we really like her and the good news…. PTL

White cell count 2.5
Red cell count 3.09
Platlets count 12

So every one up by a little… Of course they are still way low compared to normal but high enough not to need either a transfusion of platelets or red cells today…. So Noel just got an infusion of magnesium and his daily shot for the white cells……and the great news no clinic tomorrow. A day off ! it will be strange not having to go anywhere…hope it won’t feel like a long day.

So right on track as expected for day plus+14. Appointment on Wednesday will hopefully confirm this upward swing in all his levels……and we will also see progress in the side effects lessening….

He still has that very impressive list of over 20 medications , pills, potions and lotions……

He has lost a little weight and a little hair but considering everything his body has been through and is going through I think he is looking good.

We are both able to say it is well with my soul, rejoice and give thanks as morning by morning new mercies we see and sing our special ( wedding day ) hymn Great is thy Faithfulness……

On a different note here at the Hope Lodge it was “corn toss” this evening in the very nice court yard garden….. I would call it bean bag toss…… Simple game of tossing a corn or bean filled bag and getting it in the hole….a game I don’ t think I have played since Elementry School days.

Noel did not join in the fun so missed me being the joint second place winner…I lost the play off toss but won the 3rd prize.. a gas gift token for $25. So what with our super market gift cards and tonight’s prize we have been very blessed. All the gift cards are donated to the Hope Lodge.

Weather here in Boston has turned very wet…..tonight we have a huge thunder storm…..

Thank you for your continuing prayers for us, Noel still has a long way to go on this journey so please keep praying…. God is surely hearing your prayers and answering them…..and all your messages are of great encouragement to us…. God Bless you.