Transplant day plus 18

A day of praise…..

  • *Noel says today he feels the best he has for 3 weeks…..still a few side effects but nothing like what has been. PTL
  • *Afternoon visit to the DFCI for blood work……levels all on upward trend so no need today for a boost of any kind. PTL
  • *Doctors NP Amy says if all stays the same Monday will be our last visit before we go home…just returning for a weekly review visit….most likely on Wednesdays. PTL
  • *We give praise today for so many things here is a list but I expect I have missed something……
  • thank you for the unknown BM donor
  • thank you for those who donate blood and platlets, Noel has needed quite a few units.
  • For all the research and those who have gone before us in this walk trialling all the drugs and procedures..resulting in better care and treatments.
  • For amazing doctors and great caring and compassionate nurses
  • For a good place to stay for me during Noel’s hospital stay through Hospitality Homes of Boston
  • For this amazing facility where we have been able to stay together, Hope Lodge, through the American Cancer Society
  • For Noel ‘s good health right up to the transplant
  • For, although very nasty, his side effects seem short lived
  • For increasingly better blood counts
  • For last nights concert at St Mary’s Lake Lurzerne, what a blessing the money raised will be to us as the many medical bills roll in
  • For all those who have sent personal gifts to us
  • For all the loving messages we have received
  • For our family and friends who are walking this journey with us
  • For prayers of so many, many people all around the world
  • For answered prayers
  • For these and others we give thanks and praise the Lord.

Other news:
Yesterday Chaplain Paul Minor from the National Guard visited us again and shared Communion with us, another blessing to give thanks for!

As we move forward in the outside world next week there are still many restrictions to follow as Noel will be at risk of infection. He has to stay away from all places where the public are like shops, church etc and of course restaurants are out of bounds. No public transport. This is because he has a very compromised immune system. Although he can have home visits from others who are free from any infections on a one on one ( or 2). After day 100 post transplant the Doctors will begin to reduce the anti rejection drugs he is on… This then becomes the most likely time when folk can get what is know as GVHD, graft versus host disease although that can also happen during those first 100 days…. But with the fully matched donor we are praying this will not happen.

So Noel stays for now on the many, many drugs he is on to fight rejection and infection.

So a great day for praise…. Please keep following our journey, I will post updates from time to time….. And we will continue to read your comments. Once home we will try and be in better personal contact with you….feel free to email or call us.