Transplant Day plus 2

Day plus +2 discharged from hospital now staying at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge.

The day began early with Meryl leaving the home of her host where she has been staying while Noel has been in the hospital and going to Hope Lodge with her suitcase and collecting a packet of drugs which for some reson had to be shipped there and not to the hospital as the others were. then on tho the hospital. Today was discharge day, so lots of admin to get through, this mornings blood test showed Noel needed a boost of red blood cells so received a unit by transfusion.

A hospital pharmacist spent time with us explaining the 18 pills and potions Noel will be taking. Some once a day some twice and some three times…shake rattle and roll….we have printed out timetable to help us remember when and which…I think this is a good thing.

We also got the schedule for the out patients clinic appointments for blood work and daily shots ( injections) first appointment is at 7:30 am tomorrow Thursday….every day except Friday but for at least the next 12 days after that.

Got and signed the discharge papers and Noel was wheeled in a wheelchair to the car park where we had left our car on June 5th, thankfully the hospital give free parking for inpatients cars as other wise it would have cost $300. Meryl braved the Boston traffic and we drove to Hope Lodge. Where we have a very nice compact sitting room, bedroom and bathroom. We have cupboard, refrigerator and freezer allocated space in the family type dining area and use of one of the 4 fully equipped kitchen areas. Meryl was pleaseed there is a Wednesday and Monday run by the Lodge’s minibus to the local grocery store, where she stocked up on food for the next few days.

Everyone is pleased with how Noel is doing although they warned him he may have some more difficult days to come as it is early days so please keep up the prayers for the new cells to engraft and for there to be no rejection and minimum side effects to all the drugs. We said good by to all the wonderful staff on 6A and promised we would not see them again , not as a patient that is.

Many thanks for all your messages it is very encouraging to us that so many of our friends are taking the time out of their busy lives to read our updates and leave us messages and to pray for us. You are all a huge blessing to us.