Transplant day plus 23

Happy July 4th, 2012Happy 4th of July…..happy birthday America…..

We had a safe trip home yesterday, thanks for your prayers,’

Today we are both tired and taking it easy watching the tennis from Wimbledon, England on the TV. Andy Murray the Brit fighting to win but I think Spain has the better player…. Will Spain win both the soccer and the tennis this year?

About Noel’s silly question….it was a joke!, he was not serious. Men don’t need wigs, he just thought it would be funny to ask the question to see what styles folk would think up for him….. He is absolutely fine with his new look..ans so am I. We are not grieving his hair, pretty sure it will return anyway and not worried if it does not! No need for knitted hats or other coverings he has plenty of base ball caps for when he is outside……

So we will settle back ino life in the new normal ., going through the past months snail mail, thank you for your cards sent this way. Eating healthy although Noel cannot have any salads or raw fruit and veggies…other restrictions but we will work around them sadly no soft serve ice cream at Charlottes’s favorite ice cream shop.

One thing we have to remember to do each day is to flush the two access ports on Noel’s Hichman line…. One flush with saline , one flush with Heparin to prevent clotting in the line used for infusions. It is not difficult but as this line goes in to the large vein in his neck and directly to his heart it is a little disconcerting I find.but soon I will be an expert!

Noel has to remember to take all his many, many medications.

Our next weekly appointment at the Dana Farber Cancer Insitiute is Wednesday 11th July next week….too exhausting to drive there and back in the day so this week I will be trying to find us some ‘affordable’ overnight accommodation near the hospital.

This being Independance Day we hope to go to our local park this evening to listen to the concert and watch the fire works with our family…..Noel is restricted from going to places where there are a lot of people! Meetings, Church. Shops etc but we think as it is an outside event and he wears his face mask it will be OK….Looks like a fine warm evening.

Happy Independance Day… God bles America, God bless all of you.