Transplant Day plus 3

Day plus +3. Just now day 100 seems so far away…

The day began early as Noel’s clinic appointment was at 7:30am….valet parking is a wonderful our surprise when Noel checked in he had 4 appointments this morning…so we actually spent over four and a half hours there, not what we were expecting. Blood work, an IV infussion of one of the drugs he needs, a discussion and review the the PA and getting the shot of neurogen to boost white blood cell production….this shot and he needs one each day, costs over $1,000 a time if you don’t have insurance …with it’s just a couple of hundred!! Say it quick and it just sounds like pocket change…………….

Today, as to be expected and ‘normal’ Noel is very weary, has some physical reactions to the transplant and all the I am glad he is taking a good long nap….sleep I believe is all part of the healing process.

We thought from the printed schedule tomorrow was a day off from the clinic but no. We do have appointments, bloodwork and shots so it will be every day but to vary the timetable not always at the same time.

Weather in Boston is warm and sunny after all the rain yesterday. Sadly Noel has to coverup and wear a high factor sun cream he never did enjoy being in the sunshine but now has to avoid it…

Impossible to comment on everyone’s posts. But to answer the question why no spring water to drink ? but tap water is Ok…spring water is pure but not treated with any chemicals to kill any bacteria as is tap water…you and I have enough anti bodies in our immune system to cope but Noel no longer has a functioning immune system .hence all the rules and regulations about his food and life style.

Also a couple of people have quoted my favorite verse….Isaiah 40 :31
……they will renew their strength……run and not be weary…..walk and not faint…….this a great verse of encouragement to us…. Noel wants to run again with Charlotte and Lucy. Who love to run……..and he will.

So progress is slow and infact it is quite normal for the graph to have dips down before it reaches back up to normal…..we still have a long way to go.

Thanks Sarge..we love you! God bless and protect you all…..XX.

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