Transplant day plus 30

Since being back home Noel has felt somewhat lacking in energy and cold almost all the time… and this is a hot summer… but everyday his other side effects are less than they were… although sleeping not great he is doing remarkably well. My skill at flushing the 2 lines on his Hickman with saline and the anit blood clotting drug have increased with the daily practice. And I even changed the dressing once but was glad they did that at the hospital today.

Back tracking to Monday, Noel had an appointment with Dr GG at the CR Wood Cancer Center in Glens Falls… as she waw very interested to see him and catch up with how he is doing. Although she had received the reports of the transplant from the Dana Farber. She was pleased to see Noel and she remains his secondary Doctor.

Tuesday we drove back here to Boston where we had managed to book into the Hope Lodge for the night and then a hotel for Wednesday night. We were welcomed back like long lost friends and it was good to see some of the people we had met again, new faces too. This moring I asked if there was a room free for tonight as things can change daily with people leaving. Yes , thank you Lord, we could stay another night, so I rang and cancelled the hotel. What a blessing this amazing place is.

Today, Noel’s appointment was just after Lunch. We arrived early at the DFCI as we had to get our parking ticket validated… and hand back the swipe card from when Noel was an inpatient. Thankfully we still qualify for Free parking. Another blessing as not all patients do.

All these small blesses add up as we are now receiving many copayment accounts… Noel has had a lot of appointments in the past month and a lot of tests and blood products.

Today’s visit with Dr Soiffer went well, he is not only a very bright Doctor but is a very nice man, talk ranged from football. tennis, cricket, Noel’s blood work and his spleen… His bloodwork is still good enough not to have needed any products today, no red cells or platelets needed… Although his counts are still low compared to the normal reference range today’s numbers were:

RBC red cells 3.25 up from 3.14 last week
WBC white cells 2.9. Actually down from last weeks 4.4
Platelets 42 up from last week at 35

Dr Soiffer says Noel’s spleen which was so very large before the transplant measuring 13 finger widths (real hands on measuring) has shrunk to 6. We look forward to the day when he can not measure it. normal spleens sit under the lowest rib and can not be felt during a hands on examination.

He also discribed Noel in one word today ‘GOOD’ he is pleased with the progress, he says he only goes day by day as he knows full well the twists and turns the recovery time from a stem cell transplant can take… he can not predict anything as things can still go wrong. There are many days ahead for Noel yet… But every good day is a day closer to his return to good health. SO we give thanks and praise to be good at this stage one month past the transplant and pray it will continue this way.

We have to return next week for more blood work and Dr appointment so will again travel to and from Boston on Tuesday and Thursday… appointment on Wednesday. Please pray for accomodation needs… We are on the wait list for a room here at the Hope Lodge… And please pray for Noel to continue to be ‘GOOD’ his energy to increase so he feels more able to catch up on emails and snail mail. Thank you for the many cards he has received.

Tomorrow is Charlotte’s 5th birthday… we give thanks for her and she herself now being cancer free… a survivor! Friday night family party and cake and Saturday morning a Hair Party for her girlfriends at local Hair Salon… she has asked me, Granny, to also be her guest because she says I am a girl but Poppa can not be there because he is a boy! But she did suggest to him she could maybe get him some new hair, so sweet… I am excited my first hair party…

Thanks everyone for following our journey… Hope you will continue to do so and one good day turns into another good day… God Bless YOU!!!