Transplant Day plus 37

It’s amazing how fast time is going after getting back to Glens Falls last Thursday the 4 days at home have flown by… we once again thank you for the snail mail you have sent… both of us appreciate your good wishes and kind thoughts, your phone calls and the messages you leave here on this site. We enjoyed a visit from our friends Dave and Barbara on Sunday, sharing the reserved Sacrement with them and catching up on news from St Mary ‘s Lake Luzerne.

We are counting the many blessings everyday brings in different ways small and big to encourage us and remind us that the Lord is in the detail too. On Friday the family were coming over for a short visit ( Noel has to wear his face mask but short vists are OK ) so that we could celerbrate Charlotte’s birthday, she was 5 on the day before… because Noel would not be able to share a store bought cake, I was making a cake but wanted a little Strawberry Shortcake decoration for the top to go with the candles… I asked the lady who decorates the cakes at our local supermarket if I could buy one… she said no but I could have one put on any of their cakes. So I explained why I was not going to buy a cake… She said she was sorry and I went my way… moments later when I was buying eggs she came to me with a small package and said, “We don’t do this but I am a grandma and I hope your granddaughter has a happy birthday and your husband does real well very soon…” There and then in the super market I cried at her kindness… I hope some one blessed her as she blessed me that day… So Charlotte was thrilled to have her decorated cake and Noel enjoyed a big slice… Charlotte was also thrilled with the Strawberry Shortcake dress up outfit we gave her… even with the dress I made in a hurry on Friday morning when I realized the one I had ordered from Amazon was the wrong size… another blessing… I was taught to sew when I was young and like to sew.

Her hair party on Saturday was so much fun too… Seeing 5 little girls getting their hair done like Princesses was very special.

Noel had felt tired and suffered bouts of being chilled over the weekend, when the rest of us were trying to keep cool he was trying to keep warm. But on the whole he has continued to feel good… taken things easy and rested when he has needed too. We both want to get back into doing some walking but have felt a lack of motivation but hope to begin some early morning walks around the small lake at a local park this next week.

Yesterday we drove back here to Boston, grateful for the AC in the car as the outside temperature was in the high 90’s… this week we were unable to get over night accommodation at the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge but are blessed to have been able to stay at a Hampton Inn here in Boston at a reduced rate for Dana Farber patients. It is a comfortable room but of course no kitchen or microwave so as Noel can not eat in restaurants he has been on a diet of sandwiches… Next week we know we have a room at Hope Lodge and use of the kitchen, so that ‘s is another blessing.

Today we took the free shuttle bus from the hotel to DFCI , another blessing for Noel’s appointments… after his blood work we saw Dr. Soiffer again… he is not unpleased with Noel ‘s progress but his blood levels are not rising very quickly, not a great cause of concern at this early stage but as Dr. Soiffer said today “we are not out of the woods yet”…

today’s numbers, slightly lower than last week, were:
White Blood Cells 2.8 last week 2.9, normal 3.8 – 9.2
Red Blood Cells 3.08 last week 3.25, normal 4.2 – 5.6
Platelets 37 last week 42, normal 155 – 410

Dr. Soiffer did not order any infusions of blood products today, another blessing and even said that after next weeks appointment Noel can have his Hickman Line taken out… which is normal after a few weeks of it being in place. Noel will be very pleased to get rid of it although it will mean every time he needs blood work done and that will be often, he will need to get it taken with a needle from a vein in his arm.

One of the blood tests measures the toxicity levels in the kidneys which can cause damage if not corrected. Today Noel’s levels were elevated so Dr. Soiffer has reduced the amount of one of the anti-rejection drugs Noel is taking for the prevention of HVG, Host verses Graft disease and asked him to up his intake of water to around 3 liters a day to keep the kidneys well flushed.

Today Noel’s spleen had again reduced in size, a blessing, last week it was 6, today 3. Soon be tucked back under the ribs and not felt at all!

Noel has appointments for next Wednesday so we will do the same as this week, travel to Boston on Tuesday and home on Thursday.

Please continue to pray:

  • For Noel’s blood levels to rise
  • For his Kidney levels to return to normal
  • For his digestion system to return to normal
  • For there to be no adverse effects from reducing the anti rejection drug
  • For no signs of infections or HVG disease
  • For his energy levels to increase
  • For a better night time sleep pattern
  • For safety as we travel
  • And for provision each month to cover the medical bills.

Thank you for continuing to walk this road with us… Your encouragement is a huge blessing to us to… we pray that you all will find you can count your blessings everyday day, as we are doing, however small or big and we hold you up in our prayers as we know so many others are facing various health problems and difficulties in their own lives…

Faith is essential it makes all the difference as we weather the perilous and uncontrollable storms in our lives. Our faith in Jesus is a blessing.

God Bless you!