Transplant Day plus 7

It’s a week since the transplant.

Super early start….had to be at the clinic for 7am. A blessing they have muffins,tea / coffee and fresh fruit. Noel can eat fresh fruit only if it has thick skin…so he had an orange…he is missing fresh fruit and salads.

Blood counts first….no real change. When we saw the Doctor’s NP she said they did not expect to see any real change till around day +12 and his very low counts are normal…also feeling well below par is normal… white cells the same at .9 ( point 9) 3.8 to 9.2 is normal
Red cells 3.24 yesterday 3.1 normal 4.2 to 5.6. The 2 units made a little difference. And platelets today where 13 from 9 yesterday they should be 155 to 410 !

Noel did not need red cells today just got a unit of platelets and his white cell boosting injection, which untill I reminded her the nurse almost forgot to give him!
NP prescribed a prescription medicine for the itching and rash he has from low platelets and a sleep aid to help him sleep, fatigue with no sleep is not good.

Question was asked in one message from friends about Noel’s neutrophil level quoting the normal UK counts…. Not sure the system for measuring is the same here ( I know measuring my diabetis is way different between the two countries) but Noel does have Neutropenia hence he is getting the shot of Neupogen daily to help encourage the growth of new white cells. Today his white count was 0.9 when normal range is 3.8 to 9.2. So has little or no resistance to infection right now. Hence all the different antibiotics he is taking which in themselves have unpleasant side effects that he is having to deal with…….. But every day is one day closer to the 100 on the year’s road to recovery….

We are so enjoying reading messages posted by friends we have not seen for quite some time ( years) it is amazing how the word has got out and through the wonders of modern technology we can be in touch

We are always sad to read of others who are on their own journey with cancer or other health issues and we are keeping you in our prayers. For full healing, strength and courage as you fight the battle. Remember FROG. Fully rely on GOD……

Such beautiful weather here, sunny and warm, hot in the sun….although we are not in it. Here at the Hope Lodge they have a large stand with tourist brochures, there are so many interesting places to see…I am looking forward to the day we only have to come back for 3/6 or 12 monthly reviews and maybe then we can play at being tourists…..

God Bless you all for walking this walk with us….the Lord’s rod and staff comfort us and your friendship encourages us, thank you.