Transplant Day plus 86

Written at Hope Lodge, Boston. Wednesday, September 5th 2012

Trusting God’s faithfulness dispels our fearfulness…
Psalm 56:3

Thank you all for your prayers for Noel’s blood count numbers… Praise the Lord, they are on the rise! Any negative thoughts we may have briefly felt after last week’s lower figures, have been dispelled.

It was an early start this morning , with an 7:45am blood work appointment at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. The results were good. Not yet within the normal range but signs of improvement are slowly being seen. So after last week’s drop this is a good sign and one for thanks and praise.

There was no need for any blood products today… PTL… so all Noel needed was a dressing change on the insertion site of his Hickman Line. Amy, the NP said maybe in 2 weeks he could get it removed if his numbers continue to rise. Although he is used to it now it will be good to be free of it.

Today’s blood work results:
Red blood cells 3.12 — Last week 3.06 — Normal 4.2 -5.6
White blood cells 2.5 — Last week 1.6 — Normal. 3.8-9.2
Platelets 38 — Last week 18 — Normal 155- 410

Results from other aspects of the blood tests are also looking good, Noel’s liver and kidney levels look better so he can now drink less water, dropping down from 3 liters of water to 2 and a half liters per day.

Noel has appointments scheduled for next week and the following week and if the trend of rising numbers continues it very much looks like he will be moved to appointments every other week toward the end of September… this will be really good news. One reason that will be good for us is that in the 2nd and 4th weeks of October we have visitors from England. Noel’s sister Joycelyn and her husband Bill and his brother Julian and his wife Ann. It will be great if we we don’t have to spend time in Boston during those 2 weeks.

We had a number of questions to ask the Doctor this week:

Q. When could Noel book his next dental check up and cleaning, he normally gets this done every 6 months?
A. Not before late December and only if blood levels are good.

Q. Should he have a Flu shot?
A. No, but possibly in the new year when his numbers are higher. Other shots? Noel lost all his immunity, built up over a life time in the transplant process. Childhood immunizations and others using ‘live’ vaccines will be given 2 years post transplant. It is very important that I, Meryl and others close to Noel should get the Flu and other seasonal shots now! This will hopefully keep us from getting sick and infecting him.

Q. When can he go back to the YMCA to walk on their indoor track and use the exercise equipment?
A. Not yet, numbers need to be higher and then only at quiet times of the day, not when there are lots of people there and especially not when there are lots of children there.

We had a quiet Labour Day weekend… being blessed on Sunday by receiving the Reserved Sacrament brought to us by Deacon Dave of St Mary’s. And also having a friend visit with us.

This week is a busy week for both our two oldest granddaughters. Both began full time school in the USA and England respectively. A big step for both families. Please remember them as you pray.

Prayer and Praise this week:

  • Give praise and thanks for all the many answered prayers, for love and support from family and friends and continuing good blood test results and for good overall health.

Please pray :-

  • For safety as we travel.
  • For Noel’s bone marrow to recover fully the ability to produce good healthy, red and white cells and platelets, so that his numbers will be within the normal range.
  • For continued renewed energy and good health for both of us.
  • For all Noel’s lingering side effects from the Chemotherapy and transplant to completely vanish!
Thank you for reading our updates, your electronic messages and your messages sent by the more traditional way. Everyone of them gives us great encouragement.

God bless you all as you are all a blessing to us.