Meryl’s Health Update – Lunchtime, Tuesday

Meryl is cheerful, keeping everyone amused, up and out of bed, walking around, disgusted with hospital food, frustrated at being in hospital, feisty; and praising God for His goodness, grace and blessings! In other words, she is more or less back to her normal self except for a sore right wrist and left forearm where all the drips, IV’s etc were stuck in.

Earlier today, she wrote on her Facebook page:

“I always thought nitroglycerin was used to make bombs……… But on Sunday they gave me 2 tablets and since then I have been wearing a nitroglycerin patch on my arm..I get a new one every 6 hours… One thing about having any medical events you get to learn about a lot of new stuff..and for my activities to day I looks like I have something written on the white board “cardiac education” So looks like I will be learning more new stuff today.” (— feeling blessed at CCU Glens Falls Hospital.NY.)


“Looks like another good day here…..I had some sleep last night in small bursts… Am now free of IV’s and only attached to a BP cuff that automatically pumps up from time to time and they changed my heart monitor wires for a battery remote one.. But I am still not allowed to move around with out someone with me..and can not use my right arm as the ‘trauma ” to the artery is still healing from the procedure yesterday…but now beginning to feel stiff from being in bed and doing nothing…I need to be up and active…they just did blood tests so I hope my blood enzymes are normal and when the cardiologist does his rounds he says I can go home…next event to look forward to… Breakfast……

Well, her cardiologist came at about 9 AM and we had a long and good chat with him about all aspects of daily life and health. The bottom line is that he has adjusted and changed her medications a bit and is keeping her in hospital until Wednesday to watch over the results of the changes. After a few days fully to recover from this ‘episode’, as the hospital calls it, she should be completely up to normal operating speed. The cause of her minor heart attack is unlikely ever to be known but there are a couple of theories out there as to why it happened. There will be no restrictions on Meryl and she said to me a few minutes ago that one of the big ‘plusses’ is that she now knows what it feels like to have this experience, so she can immediately get help if it happens again.

We thank everyone most heartily and gratefully for their concern, prayers, and communications and send our love and blessings to you all. We will resume normal communications through snail mail, electronic mail including social media, telephone, including mobile/cell and face to face personal contact in the coming days.

With all our love and blessings, and in the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit,

Noel and Meryl