August Update

Thank you everyone for your prayers these past few weeks! I knew others in addition to my family were praying. After a great journey to Birmingham, Alabama last Tuesday, coming home yesterday was a different experience. This week I was at a most valuable conference looking into and learning … Continue reading

A Journey of Faith and Healing

Trinity Sunday, 2018: A Journey of Faith and Healing Greetings and blessings from God, Son and Holy Spirit to each one who reads this update, and with love from Meryl and me. Our last formal update was on December 7 last, although we have written some shorter updates since then to specific … Continue reading

Noel’s 5th Birthday

June 11th will soon be here... It's Noel's 5th re- Birthday!!! Five years ago on this day he received the gift of new life. Stem Cells donated by an unrelated donor, who we now know was a young man named Ryan, to whom we will be forever grateful, a true hero, his unselfish gift saved Noel's … Continue reading

Relay for Life 2017

Less than 30 days to go until this year's Relay for Life on Saturday, June 10th, and we once again are as a family are trying to "Pay It Forward" so others can benefit from the American Cancer Society as we have done. I will be a 9 year Cancer Survivor this year, and no longer need checks. Noel … Continue reading