Transplant day plus 18

A day of praise..... *Noel says today he feels the best he has for 3 weeks.....still a few side effects but nothing like what has been. PTL *Afternoon visit to the DFCI for blood work......levels all on upward trend so no need today for a boost of any kind. PTL *Doctors NP Amy says if all … Continue reading

Transplant Day plus 16

Praise the Lord for all the many answered prayers this has been the best day yet......Noel feeing relief of all his bothersome side effects not yet gone but so much better...We had an early start with blood work at the Dana Farber Cancer clinic....then appointment with Dr Soiffer, Noel's Doctor, … Continue reading

Transplant Day plus 14

The weekend was quiet with just short appointments at the DFCI for Noel's Neupogen shot and Hickman line flush, Sunday afternoon we had a good visit from our friends Jim and Jean Morehead, we sat outside as thankfully the weather was warm and sunny. Hope Lodge is very quiet at weekends as many … Continue reading

Transplant Day plus 11

I read a quote from Martin Luther today. " It is not how well you are doing but how well you are doing when you are not doing well ". So we give praise to the Lord that although just now our circumstances are not great we are doing well. As in 1 Thessalonians 'be joyful always, pray continually and … Continue reading