Transplant Day plus 8

Noel’s lowest day to date….

Noel did sleep a little better last night with the aid of the new drugs but suffering greatly from the effects of his greatly compromised immune system and from the huge amounts of antibiotics he is getting…he has a very painful yeast infection and the topical treatment suggested by PA yesterday is bringing little or no releif.

After our 8am visit to the clinc today for his Neupogen shot , no tests or infussions sheduled for today, we retuned home to Hope Lodge where he feeling very chilled decided to go back to bed and has been sleeping.

So this I would say is his lowest and most difficult day both physically and mentally…… around 2 pm we have a local guy coming to bring us communion so I am praying that will bless Noel and lift his spirits…

We have longer day at the clinic tomorrow with a 7am start again please pray this will be a better day in all respects.

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