Transplant Day plus 44

Our four days back in Glens Falls seemed to fly by quickly. Noel felt basically the same health wise. Which is good with not much change either way. So we count this as a blessing. More blessings came in the mail....more get well cards and good wishes to encourage us which they do and also in … Continue reading

Transplant Day plus 37

It's amazing how fast time is going after getting back to Glens Falls last Thursday the 4 days at home have flown by... we once again thank you for the snail mail you have sent... both of us appreciate your good wishes and kind thoughts, your phone calls and the messages you leave here on this … Continue reading

Transplant day plus 30

Since being back home Noel has felt somewhat lacking in energy and cold almost all the time... and this is a hot summer... but everyday his other side effects are less than they were... although sleeping not great he is doing remarkably well. My skill at flushing the 2 lines on his Hickman with … Continue reading

Transplant Day plus 26

Since getting home last Tuesday we both seem to have been very tired but have also managed to watch some good tennis from Wimbledon.... Noel besides feeling tired has felt cold all the time.... Even with the temperature in the house set to 75'F he is wearing his fleece jacket. Today he has … Continue reading

Update to last entry…

Andy Murray did win the quarter final he fought and won a hard game.... Well done GBR! Sorry Spain....... We have had second thoughts on Noel going to the concert... Best to stay with in the hospital guide likes about not being in crowds.... with his compromised immune system why take … Continue reading