Some random thoughts

Penned by Noel – the first time I’ve felt like writing in over three weeks!

The Boston Dome. Some fun feedback is in order! Someone suggested I should get a wig in an Afro style, with dreadlocks! What do you think? Or white-ish, to reflect the senior citizen time of life I seem to somehow arrived at. Or a ginger one? Ginger was the color of my youth and middle years. Short or long hair? Flat, straight or wavy? Would a wig make me look and feel more elegant, distinguished, good-looking, intelligent? Or not? What say you?

Prayers, visits, support, encouragement, love. I am overwhelmed by all the TLC shown me over the last month. The hugest thanks must go to my special caregiver and angel, Meryl. But also to everyone else who has read these pages, added comments, sent emails, made phone calls (thankfully we have not been overwhelmed by these); thanks to the huge numbers of people praying for us; to the several who have donated through these pages; to the wonderful medical and ancillary folk who have looked after me so well in the hospital and the cancer clinic; to those who visited me either at the hospital or at Hope Lodge; especially to the donor, who made the transplant possible in the first place – a marvelous gift of self sacrifice! THANK YOU, including anyone I have missed thanking.

British Army reductions. It seems the UK government is to announce a large reduction in the British Army this Thursday. The Army will be at its smallest size since the Napoleonic Wars about 200 years ago. I won’t make any comment about this except today it seems very likely that the infantry regiment, whose badges I wore for nearly 30 years, will be disbanded, having had a name change about 5 or 6 years ago. A sad day, if the news is confirmed.

Meryl and I have been praying for and greatly distressed by the sad news of two friends who have died whilst we have been in Boston, even though they are now at peace and no longer suffering, being united with Christ in glory. We have also been distressed by the news of several friends who have either had to leave their homes or be packed ready to evacuate at a moments notice. We do not know if any of them lost their homes to these terrible wildfires in Colorado Springs. They are still not yet fully under control. Finally we have also been prayerfully concerned about those who are affected by the powerful storms and heat over much of the mid-west and east of the USA, let alone the storms in UK over the last couple of weeks.

But, regardless, God is good – all the time!

And I’m so pleased to be going home tomorrow!

Thank you, one and all!