Transplant Day minus 2

Hospital seems so much quieter than on other days when it has seemed like a major train station or airport, people everywhere and quite hectic. But just as busy here in room 12. Noel getting almost nonstop infusions of 3 chemotherapy drugs along with all the other IV cocktails,pills and potions and fluids, soon he will be walking drug store.

Noel says coming into hospital on June 5th and going through even the somewhat minor surgery to place the Hickman line in his neck and chest, then being admitted to an ICU/ bone marrow transplant ward all felt a bit like being deployed prior to battle, the first day of chemo sessions on the 6th, a type of ‘D’ day for him! A deep day mentally and emotionally.

We have had a visit from one of the interfaith hospital chaplains, a young Jewish woman, in training to be a Rabbi, doing a summer internship. She was a very nice person and we believe, as she sort to encourage us, she herself was encouraged. We have requested a Chaplain to visit us on Monday to bless the donor stem cells before the infussion (transplant) takes place.

Noel is feeling a little under par today, so resting under the quilt I made him… covered with love. Someone asked if there was a story behind the quilt. I have seen the healing power felt in quilt made and given with love so I decided to make him one as a surprise. Why the Pink Panther? It was his nick name during his time in the Army so I thought it would be fun theme.

Today we have enjoyed reading your messages, God bless you and thank you.

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