Transplant Day minus 5

Noel and his Pink Panther quilt

Noel and his Pink Panther quilt

Yesterday, June 5th, was a long and busy day. Checking in at the hospital which seems as busy as any airport, registration, lots of waiting, Noel getting a Hickman line implanted for his treatments and blood work. Then settling into his isolation room, small but does have window and looks over the tops of very close tall buildings and we can see the blue sky. Before Meryl left for her hosts home she gave Noel a special gift, a quilt she had made him to cover him with love. (when I work out how I, Meryl will post photos).

All the nursing staff are great. The food is OK.

Today, Noel began his isolation ( face mask and gloves for staff and visitors ) he started the chemotherapy and has just finished receiving 2 different drugs plus an anti nausea drug he will get more chemo later this evening. Then again for the next 3 days. Sunday will be a rest day.

We are trying to keep these updates short but if you would like greater detail please e-mail us and we will do our best to reply. Thank you all for your messages and prayers, we have great peace and are full of hope and praying for a successful transplant.