Transplant Day plus 51

We are just past half way, 49 days to go to the the 100 post transplant day mark. Noel will then move into the second phase of his recovery. As he is slowly weened off most of the anti rejection drugs.

We arrived back in Boston after being home in Glens Falls for 4 days. This week we are staying for 2 nights at the Hampton Inn as the Hope Lodge could not offer us a room. But we are blessed again to be staying here at the discount rate for Dana Farber patients. It is a very comfortable hotel.

To recap on last week. Noel received 2 units of red blood cells at the clinic last Wednesday to give him a boost as his counts were low. Thursday morning he did not feel so great. Not what we expected but thankfully by mid day he was feeling much better. We were able to drive home; even stopping briefly to say hello to a friend who lives just outside Albany. We then made it home just ahead of a big storm and were once again glad not to have been driving in the rain…another blessing.

On Friday Noel had an appointment with hid Doctor at the Glens Falls Cancer Center. She was pleased to see us again as we were her. These appointments with her are basically to keep her up to date with Noel’s progress. As one day in the future Noel’s care will again be shared between her and his Doctor in Boston. This will be another blessing as it will mean less traveling to Boston.

Over the weekend at home we enjoyed being able to watch the Opening Ceremony of the London Olympics with Toby, JoAnn and Charlotte. Lucy was sleeping. As we were at their house Noel had to wear his face mask and gloves but it was so much more enjoyable watching it on their large HDTV… another blessing. If you also watched it I hope you enjoyed it as much as we all did.

On Saturday Noel was not having the greatest of days so he relaxed in his Lazyboy and watched the Olympics. I have to admit I also watched them. My new role as caregiver is not difficult but sometimes I too feel quite tired. It is a blessing being able to enjoy spending time together.

Sunday was a better day for Noel and the family came over after church for Lunch and Toby blessed us by cutting our grass. Noel must not be outside when grass is being cut as it brings up mold spores which are not dangerous for us to breath in; unless like Noel you have a compromised immune system. Our evening blessing was Dave, our friend and a Deacon at St Mary’s Lake Luzerne, visited us and shared the Reserved Sacrament with us. We are looking forward to the day we can both go back to Church.

Thankfully Noel has felt well this week. Within his new normal that is. Today at his appointment at DFCI we saw Amy Joyce the NP. We had a couple of things to ask her…. Noel had developed a reddish rash on his face, she does not think is anything serious and suggested using an OTC hydrocortisone cream. She also decided to cut the dose of magnesium oxide he takes from three to two times a day. She hopes this will help improve his digestion and he won’t have to rely so much on taking Immodium as he has had to do since the transplant.

Amy says Noel’s counts are still being slow in recovering but she thinks that is just the way it is for him and is not greatly concerned. There is no right or wrong speed of recovery. It is just one day at a time.

White blood cells. Today 2.6 Last week. 2.6 Normal is 3.8 – 9.2.
Red blood cells. Today 3.09 Last week 2.75. Normal is 4.2 – 5.6.
Platelets. Today 39 Last week 47. Normal is over 155.

So the blessing in all of this is that there is some stability even in the low readings.

Because Noel feels quite cold even in this rather hot weather we are having in the north east. Someone had suggested he might enjoy sitting in the warm sunshine; sadly not because of the drugs he takes it is very important to stay out of the sunshine.

Please keep praying along the same lines as before:

  • For Noel’s blood counts to go up.
  • For increased energy.
  • For his digestive system to return to normal.
  • For safety as we travel.
  • For the Lord’s continuing provision for us as the bills arrive in our mail box. We continue to trust that He has a plan for how we pay those bills.

Thank you for continuing to walk this walk with us. Although the walk is slow we are glad you are hanging in with us. You are all a great encouragement to us and we enjoy hearing from you. May God Bless you as you bless us.

So again we count our blessings and give thanks to our Lord for him also walking this road with us as he promises in Hebrews 13:5 ” I will never leave you or forsake you”

Just one final note …as some have asked…. Donations to Caringbridge do not come to us. They help provide this web page at no cost to us. Please make donations directly to us here on the website.